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The Tour

Free Trial.

Start by signing up for a one month free trial here. No credit card is necessary for this free trial. At the end of the free trial, if you don’t like it, you don’t pay for it! Just walk away. To get started, take a moment to fill out this form.


3 Lines of Copy and Paste HTML Code.

The copy and paste html code will be emailed to you automatically once your facility is setup. It is minimal code only 3 lines long and could be even less. You simply copy and paste the code into a web page on your web site. It’s really that simple!


Register Your User Name.

Start where you would with any web site. Register your user name. MyReserver will need your name and email address. Come up with your own user name and password. You will be emailed a confirmation and be allowed into MyReserver.


Edit Your Facility Info.

As an admin, you will be allowed to edit your facility, courts and privileges. Editing your facility information is as easy as filling out a form. When your facility opens, closes, its location, email and so on. Updating court information is simple too. Pick a listing from the database; edit its sport, surface, and other details. Adding user privileges is as simple as typing in a name and selecting a privilege from a drop box. Make members, pros and admins.